Saturday, August 4, 2012

Worst Food in America

NEWS FLASH! We all know that eating out can be extremely unhealthy. Over the past few years, several restaurants have began using healthier oils and introduced "healthier" menu options. However, due to ridiculous portion sizes the "healthy" foods you think you're eating aren't so good for you after all. The following is a list of the worst foods in America according to David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding of the famous book series Eat This, Not That. 

* Worst fast food breakfast- Burger King's Ultimate Breakfast Platter 1310 calories, 72g fat, 2490mg sodium

* Worst "healthy" sandwich- Quizno's Veggie Sub (large) 1090 calories, 61g fat, 2540mg sodium

* Worst salad- California Pizza Kitchen's Waldorf Chicken Salad 1561 calories, 1821mg sodium

* Worst fast food burger- Sonic's Ring Leader Loaded Double Burger 1660 calories, 120g fat, 1450mg sodium

* Worst Chinese entree- PF Chang's double pan fried noodles combo 1820 calories, 84g fat, 7692mg sodium

* Worst Sandwich- Cheesecake Factory grilled shrimp and bacon club 1890 calories 2964mg sodium

* Worst Dessert- Baskin Robbin's fudge brownie 31 below (large) 1900 calories, 80g fat, 1350mg sodium, 225g sugar

* Worst Mexican Meal- On the Border dos xx fish tacos 2150 calories 144g fat, 3740mg sodium

* Worst fries- Chili's Texas cheese fries with chili and ranch 2120 calories, 144g fat, 5920mg sodium

* Worst fish meal- Culver's north Atlantic cod filet meal 2156 calories, 140g fat, 2378mg sodium

* Worst Burger- Chili's jalapeno smokehouse bacon burger with ranch 2210 calories, 144g fat, 6600mg sodium

* Worst pizza- Uno Chicago Grill Chicago classic deep dish pizza (individual) 2310 calories, 165g fat, 4650mg sodium

* Worst Appetizer- Applebee's appetizer sampler (used to be our favorite) 2430 calories, 166g fat, 6070mg sodium

* Worst breakfast- IHOP big country breakfast 2440 calories, 145g fat, 5520mg sodium

* Worst Ribs- TGI Friday's Caribbean rockin' raggae ribs 2450 calories, 3810mg sodium

* Worst Chicken Entree- Cheesecake Factory chicken and biscuits 2580 calories, 2621mg sodium

* Worst food in America- Cheesecake Factory bistro shrimp pasta 2730 calories, 919mg sodium

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