Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Weight Loss Rewards

I really like the idea of rewarding yourself for reaching smaller weight loss goals in order to keep yourself motivated to keep going. I have devised a plan of my own to keep me motivated. Hopefully some of these ideas can keep you going too! 

***First off for every inch and/or pound I lose, I deposit $1 in my weight loss jar. At the end of my weight loss journey, I plan on using the money to fund my new wardrobe I will need when I shed the weight. 

In addition, I have come up with the following ways to reward myself and stay motivated. 

Lose 10 pounds- Buy a tanning package (remember, being tan makes you look thinner)

Lose 20 pounds- Go out to a movie with my boyfriend

Lose 30 pounds- Go get my nails and hair done

Lose 40 pounds- Night out on the town with friends and my boyfriend

Lose 50 pounds- Go to a game (I love the STL Cardinals, STL Blues, and Fighting Illini)

Lose 60 pounds- Buy new makeup and jewelry

Lose 70 pounds- Go get a facial

Lose 80 pounds- Get professional pictures take (to show off my new bod...hello)

Reach Goal Weight- Go on a beach vacation with my family and my boyfriend! 

***Just remember to be reasonable with your goals. Before making my list I did some research and found that for my age and height I could stand to lose 100 pounds so that is my goal and what my list is based off of. 


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