Thursday, August 2, 2012


I do not really have a target weight I would like to reach because I have always had a more muscular build (supposedly muscle weighs more than fat), so I am choosing to focus more on inches rather than pounds. 

My main goal is to get down into the single digits when it comes to clothing size. I currently wear a size XL or XXL in tops and a size 22 in pants.

I would also love to look thin and toned in my bridesmaid's dress next fall when my older sister gets married (congrats Laurie and Steve)!

I would really love to go on a beach vacation with my family and lay on the beach in a bikini without feeling self-conscious! 

Running a marathon with my family would be amazing without having to worry if I'm going to slow them down or be left behind. 

I would love to get on the back of my boyfriend's motorcycle without feeling like I'm weighing down the back end. 

Go to Six Flags with my friends and not have to worry about whether or not I will fit into the ride comfortably. 

I want to be able to walk down the street with my boyfriend and not feel like people are asking themselves why someone as fit and good looking as him would be with someone like me. 

I want to someday get married and not fear trying on wedding dresses. 

Someday I hope to be healthy enough to have children and raise them in a happy and healthy home. 

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