Sunday, August 26, 2012

Do Weight Watchers for FREE!!!

I am all for the Weight Watcher's program (my mom used it with great results) but let's face it...I'm a broke college student and I cannot afford to drop $50+ down on a membership. Even if you're not a college student, money is still tight for most families in this economy. Here are some great links and tips for getting the Weight Watcher's program without breaking the bank. 

Step one: Use this link to access a free calculator to determine how many points you are allowed each day I calculated 38 points for myself. 

Step 2: Use the following link to access a free calculator to determine how many points are in your favorite foods and beverages 

Don't forget to workout and drink plenty of water in addition to following this plan for the best results. 

TIP: My boyfriend is pretty fit and works a hard manual labor job that usually takes care of a daily workout so he pretty much eats whatever he wants, when he wants. In order to avoid falling into a trap of going over my points, I eat foods with very little or no points during the day and save them for the evenings when he's eating things that would otherwise push my daily points over the edge. I also use this same procedure when I know I will be dining out that evening for a family birthday, night out with friends, etc. 

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