Friday, September 27, 2013

Intervals to Build Endurance for Running

I have always wanted to become a runner because it seems like such a great way to get in shape and stay in shape. Everyone in my family runs but me! It started out with my dad wanting to lose weight. After he lost over 100 pounds, my younger sister started running and later made the track team at school. My older sister then followed as a way to stay in shape for Marching Illini during her college years, and then my mom started running about a year ago and has already dropped a significant amount of weight. I tried once before to get into running, but the combination of starting off too quickly and not knowing the proper breathing strategies (especially when it comes to running with Thyroid Disease which causes shortness of breath anyway). People have been talking a lot about this Couch to 5K running program that uses intervals of running and walking to build up your endurance for longer runs. My fiance, Thomas, and I decided to go on a walk after dinner tonight. During our walk he suggested doing a few intervals of jogging so we tried it out. I've got to say, I felt pretty good when we got back from our walk/jog. I'm thinking this Couch to 5K program may be worth a try! 

To view a great breakdown of the entire Couch to 5K program for free, click on this link: 

A lot of the websites I looked at before I came across this one try to charge you like $20 to view the program, but the link above will explain it to your for free. If you have an iPhone, there is also a Couch to 5K app in the iTunes app store for $1.99. 

Have any Couch to 5K tips or personal experiences you would like to share? I am anxious to hear how this program has enhanced your fitness! 


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