Thursday, September 27, 2012

I need to lose weight fast!

We have all had those high school reunions, beach vacations, and best friend's wedding situations that prompt us to want to lose excess weight FAST! Well, my boyfriend and I will be celebrating our first anniversary one month from today, and he has made plans for us to go out for a nice evening together. He requested that I wear my best dress and is even treating me to a manicure! I found this amazing dress in my closet that I purchased back when I worked for a high-end department store (found a $400 for $11!!!). The dress is a beautiful champagne colored, knee-length, cross back dress with beading on the bust. Here's the problem...its a size 9. If you have looked at my pictures from the beginning of my blog, I am not a size 9! I have my heart set on wearing this gorgeous dress because I've never gotten to wear it anywhere and it truly is the prettiest dress I own! So these next couple posts are going to focus on different ways to loose weight quickly (while staying healthy at the same time) and hopefully, the next picture I post on my blog will be a picture of me wearing that dress! 

If anyone has any ideas or tips for losing weight quickly, please comment on this post and tell us about them! I would love some new ideas and I'm very interested in what has worked for you! 

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